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 The reason I ask is, I woke up to a what’s app message this morning that the trains into London were on the blink, and I thought thank God that…

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Uncategorized Your Life created

Its quite funny how motivation works,  there have been countless books written about it, and studies carried out.   So to give you an example, I recall a few years…

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Uncategorized Your Life created

Uncategorized Your Life created

Let’s talk  about planning , setting, reviewing and resetting goals, we are up to the halfway point in the year so what a good time  look back  and take stock of…

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The other day, I was driving along the motor way on the way to my annual alumni picnic, when I encountered some traffic, well not just  some, a lot actually…

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Goals Purpose

Goals Purpose

When I opened my fridge this afternoon, I noticed some veg that had been there for a while it was on the turn,   and do you know I thought? Oh…

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Imagine this, you are in a restaurant, at a business lunch, you have some important matters to discuss and it was decided to do this over lunch.  Then this happens, you…

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