10 Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Happy.

So do you think that happiness is a state of mind or something to be acquired? Whatever your opinion, you would be forgiven for thinking that its an elusive elixir, available only to the privileged few right?  Apparently, America has it in its constitution, that they have the right to pursue happiness, but notice that they can pursue, but its not a right?

Really, I think that happiness is something that every one can have with the right attitude an open mind to do things slightly differently.

Here 10 things you can co

Practice gratefulness:

It has been well proven and documented that focusing on what you have rather than on what you don’t have will make you happier.

Get healthy:

Make healthier choices,  exercise and do things today  towards a healthy life tomorrow.

Get Active;

Not to be confused with getting healthy yes, being active in itself is an integral part of being healthier indeed its rather important, what I mean is get more social, spend more time with your family and friends

Practice Mindfulness:

Mindfulness will help you to alleviate stress, make you more creative all by helping you to deal with the things that go on in your mind. It helps you accept the thoughts you may be having, but to know not to engage with those htoughts, so you can concentrate on what you are doing and enjoy it.

Learn to say no:

No to things that you don’t want to do, things that do not contribute to your goals and overall purpose.

Walk a way from negative people and situations:

Know your worth and do not accept anything less than you deserve.

Be kind to yourself:

Accept that you are doing the best to be your best and that is ok.

If you have a religion and or faith practice it:

Your religion can be a great source of comfort during difficult times.

Take up a hobby:

The benefits of having  a hobby are many, they entertain you, you can learn a skill from it, You can also if its an organised hobby get to meet other like minded people.

Relax, play have fun, smile;

Remember life is not a play there is no dress rehearsal. So making the most of it is important.

What do you do that makes you happy? Do comment below or email me at nike@davkit.co.uk I would love to hear from  you and I will definitely respond.


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