If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting what you have always gotten.

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This is what we are about... Inspiring change, helping people to realise their dreams...


Here at the Davkit, we are very passionate about people, we love to showcase their achievements with the intention of inspiring people to chase their dreams and retire from the big snooze...

Books glorious Books..

I have always been a fan of books, a major source of learning and indeed entertainment over the years..

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The Blog

Wani Olatunde

The theme of change continues, and my next guest is no stranger to it. Wani  Olatunde is a wedding and portrait

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Funso Adegbola

Funso Adegbola is the Executive Director and CEO of Vale College Ibadan Nigeria.  Interestingly she is the daug

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Jose Goncalves

To see Jose Goncalves  who I talked to about change teaching at his Zumba class, is to witness him in his zone

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